June 15, 2024


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At-home beauty: Long Island barber shares men’s care tips

Fellows, you too can fall prey to appearing overly shaggy and sloppy during quarantine.

“For a man, he can go from looking like a CEO to homeless in two to three weeks,” says Edward Dennehy who co-owns the hip yet elegant MadMen Barber Shop in Wantagh and Williston Park with Jessica Dennehy.

To that end, the duo provided us with a few stay-at-home grooming how-tos for eyebrows, behind the ear trims and a hot shave that’s also good for blackhead removal and refreshing skin. The notion of “being pampered and taking care of yourself is not exactly spiritual, but it can be considered a mental health thing. It’s good to do something other than just worry,” says Edward.

Tools of the trade: Small scissors, comb, shaving cream, towels, honey, razor, glass, microwave.

How to:

While Edward and Jessica show it best on their video, their notion is to maintain a happy medium while stuck in quarantine. A major don’t is trying to make “long unmaintained hair into a traditional style,” says Edward. He says to go for a tousled, messy look, “as if you’re doing it on purpose, sort of bedhead look.”

Eyebrows should get a quick clip around the natural outline of the brow and you can use a tweezer or a razor. It takes a little practice to trim the hair around your ears, but you can do it by folding the ear back or, says Edward, if you’re unsure, ask a “loved one to do it.”

And for the luxury of a hot shave that is also a skin care treatment, Edward’s grandfather came up with this one while serving in the Army: mix honey and shaving cream in glass, heat it up in a microwave for 30-45 seconds and apply with a shave brush or clean hands. Apply a hot towel (also heated in the microwave) to open pores and shave as you normally would with any type of blade, keeping the razor clean and wet.

“Honey is an antibacterial, so it does wonder for acne treatment and prevention. It’s also filled with antioxidants which slow the aging process and is a natural moisturizer,” he says.

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