The coronavirus pandemic is requiring all of us to practice social distancing and stay at home as much as possible. As a way to pass the time, many have begun turning to TikTok. Are you not from Gen Z and therefore have no idea what TikTok is? Users on the the video-driven app (mostly tweens) get creative with short video clips, most often participating in dance challenges. They will upload 15-second choreography bits, setting it to whatever song is trending at the moment. But it’s not just the younger demographic dominating the app anymore: Everyone from celebrities to designers are now getting on board. And Vogue has the definitive list of who fashion fans should be following.

Many big-name stars have amped up their TikTok game this past week: Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are proving to be the app’s newest must-follow couple. There has also been a spike in supermodel activity: Bella Hadid, Cara Delevingne, and Kaia Gerber are just a few catwalk stars who have popped up with their own dance routines this past week. But if one wants the true TikTok experience, you can’t forget about following the O.G. Gen Z stars—some of whom have parlayed their 20 million TikTok followers into front row seats during the recent fashion month.

Below, the chicest TikTok accounts to follow now.

Gen Z Stars

Call these the O.G. TikTok stars: The young creators who jumped on the app in its early days. Like Instagram influencers before them, they have millions of followers, which makes them attractive to high fashion houses. Take Noen Eubanks, for instance, a 19-year-old creator with the ultimate e-boy style, who recently starred in a campaign for Celine. Another fashionable name is Emma Chamberlain. While she rose to fame for her YouTube vlogs, her TikTok dances are just as entertaining—and have even caught the eye of Louis Vuitton, who has invited her to sit front row for a few seasons now. Another fashion month staple this year was Chace Hudson: He even created content live from the Dolce & Gabbana fall men’s show in January.

Noen Eubanks stars in a campaign for CelinePhoto: Hedi Slimane

Celeb Newcomers

Big-name stars have joined TikTok this past week—or, if they were on it before, they began seriously ramping up their game. Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have been killing it with their family TikToks. Other stars worth following include Troye Sivan, Selena Gomez, Megan Thee Stallion, Miley Cyrus, Dua Lipa, and Lizzo. Lizzo, in particular, was an early TikTok creator: Remember her viral video where she spoofed her love of tiny purses? Miley Cyrus’s latest upload is a video of her dancing to a RuPaul song in a T-shirt bearing the iconic drag queen’s face.

Supermodel Takeover

Supermodels have taken a break from walking the runways and have begun dancing on TikTok too. This week, Bella Hadid posted her first video, set to the tune of Auntie Hammy’s “Pew Pew Pew” (she even wore a conceptual sweatsuit for it). Hailey Bieber has joined her husband Justin Bieber for a few TikToks as well. Their first dance break while in self-quarantine together was a routine set to “Lean Wit It, Rock Wit It” by Dem Franchize Boyz. Fresh face Dara, who recently walked Marc Jacobs, has posted TikToks from the front row. Meanwhile, friends Kaia Gerber and Cara Delevingne made an appearance on friend Tommy Dorfman’s account as well: The two models did a charmingly apathetic dance to Britney Spears’s “Oops!…I Did It Again.”

Whimsical Fashion Fun

If you’re simply looking for some lighthearted fashion fun on the app, look no further than to these whimsical accounts. Young Emperors, recently profiled for Vogue, is a stylish couple who matches their ensembles on the daily. Their TikTok videos take their doubled-up fashion to the next level, complete with epic cinematography. Some of your favorite fashion designers are on the app too: Balmain’s Olivier Rousteing and Simon Porte Jacquemus are both on board. The latter’s best TikTok is a slow-motion walk of the Jacquemus design team, dressed in full looks of course.

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