June 13, 2024


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Women steal $1K in groceries at Acme


GREEN, Ohio (WJW) — Surveillance cameras were rolling as two brazen shoplifters went on a major shopping spree at a local store. 

The two women initially posed as legitimate shoppers at the Acme store on Massillon Road in Green, but were caught on camera when they began stuffing bags that they carried into the store with various products.

Investigators with the Summit County Sheriff’s Office say it appears the two suspects came to the store with a specific shopping list, and were actually working for the disreputable owners of small convenience stores.

Major Scott Cottle told FOX 8, “the shoplifters steal these items that they’re then able to put on their shelves and sell, so because they’re buying stolen property, they’re making 100% profit.”

Surveillance video shows the women then grabbed packages of diapers, another item that shady carry-out owners can turn into quick profits.

“Those always seem to be in demand and every time that we’ve ever caught up with some of these people, those are the kind of items that they were given a list to steal,” said Major Cottle.

The shoplifters then begin stuffing the shopping cart with laundry detergent, another hot ticket item that can be sold for profit in neighborhood carry-outs. The video shows that they started heading for the exit with the full cart when they realized that a store security officer had spotted them.

ACME store surveillance footage

They decided to abandon the cart but still got away with two bags stuffed with merchandise. Investigators say there is a good reason why they left the cart behind.

“Typically, if you’re under $1,000, it’s a misdemeanor charge. Once you get over $1,000, it becomes a felony,” said Major Cottle.

Investigators say a third suspect was waiting for the two shoplifters in a getaway vehicle parked outside the store, and an exterior surveillance camera captured an image of the black SUV before it sped away. Detectives are hoping someone can help identify the shoplifters, their getaway driver and the carry-out owners for whom they’re working. 

“Unfortunately they don’t want to play by the same rules as everybody else and pay their fair share and do it the right way,” said Major Cottle.

Anyone with information about the crime is asked to call the Detective Bureau at Summit County Sheriff’s Office at 330-630-6317. Tipsters can remain anonymous.


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