September 29, 2023


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What is the right sunscreen to prevent sunburn and aging?


This 7 days in Your Healthful Household, we are focusing on safeguarding your skin from damaging UV rays from the sun.

In this tale we are reminding you about some of the fundamental principles of sunscreen and exactly how it operates to shield your skin.

The 1st reminder especially if you are new to dwelling in southern Colorado at elevation is how much far more sunlight publicity we get.

Registered nurse Andrea Tankersley with Rejuvenate Med Spa in Colorado Springs states,

“Sunscreen is actually significant in Colorado because we are nearer to the sunlight. Our large altitude presents us much more ultraviolet (UV) exposure that is about 36% greater than what we are exposed to at sea amount. So it really is truly crucial here since our pores and skin needs to be shielded from the harming ultraviolet rays that we get.”

We always chat about sunscreen in terms of averting sunburn, but UV rays can also just take a cumulative toll on your skin even if you might be not obtaining burned.

Andrea suggests, “These damages rays influence the aging of our pores and skin and can cause wrinkles, discoloration and eventually sagging of the pores and skin. The sunlight is damaging not only in conditions of pores and skin cancer but also getting older.”

The fundamental ought to haves when it comes to sunscreen is to only use SPF 30 or better, that has broadband safety from both of those UVA and UVB. Inside of all those rules Andrea claims there are two kinds of sunscreen that function in another way. “One produces a bodily barrier and the other makes a chemical barrier from the solar. The physical barrier sunscreens mirror the detrimental rays of the sun absent from your skin. The chemical barrier absorbs and stops the sun’s rays from penetrating the skin.”

No make a difference which type of sunscreen you pick out the most significant point is to use it. Apply 30 minutes right before sunshine exposure and if you’re out extra than an hour or two at the most re-implement.

Andrea states to reapply, “Every two several hours typically if you are at the beach or pool and out of h2o, if you’re exercising and perspiring reapply just about every hour. The crucial issue is applying it liberally and evenly on thoroughly clean dry skin. If you want a visible about a shot glass complete of sunscreen on the common adult body. For the deal with and neck you want to do 2 to 3 strands on your finger to include your deal with and neck and don’t neglect about the backs of your palms for the reason that we have a lot of sunlight publicity when we are driving. That where by we locate those people age spots that men and women communicate about and from time to time we neglect about carrying sunscreen when we are in our autos.”

Andrea also claims though the brand name name sunscreen items you locate in retail outlets will secure your pores and skin, but there is a difference in healthcare grade products, like those typically marketed at a med spa.

Andrea claims at Rejuvenate Med Spa you will can invest in greater high quality solution pores and skin treatment solutions, which include sunscreen. “When you come right here, you will also get the education from an esthetician about all of the skin treatment solutions we have available, like peels and facials, botox and fillers. The positive aspects of a med spa compared to around the counter sunscreens, is that lots of of the title brand sunscreens and pores and skin care solutions incorporate a lot of fillers, so you you definitely want to fork out interest to the ingredients and what purchase they are stated in. Our products and solutions are professional medical grade and are examined and tested to make sure they are higher high quality. Health-related quality merchandise are clinically studied and tested to do the job.”

And whilst pores and skin care in a med spa setting can enable to make improvements to the wellbeing of your skin and how it ages, they ought to never ever be dealing with any variety of suspicious sore or lesion that won’t go away.

Andrea claims, “Typically you want to see a skin doctor at the time a year. Here at Rejuvenate we assist you with the treatment of your pores and skin and the getting old of your skin listed here. We also have 4 awesome plastic surgeons in Golden and Cherry Creek, but if you have anything that is suspicious, please go see a dermatologist.”

In our next story, we’ll introduce you to a Colorado Springs guy, Vic McMillan who is now in his late 70’s and is a big proponent of each day sunscreen use. He’s been battling pores and skin cancer for most of his adult existence, and is willing to share his cautionary tale we ought to all fork out attention to.

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