May 18, 2024


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What does your flat cap style say about you? 

Choosing a personal style is a way of expressing ourselves. The things that we wear communicate something about our personality. This also influences how other people perceive us. It’s fun to know what other people assume about us based on little details such as a shirt design, a pair of shoes, an accessory, or a hat. A preference for a particular type of clothing item also communicates something about ourselves. Many people, especially in Ireland and England have a preference for flat caps when it comes to headwear. If you are an avid flat cap wearer, you might be wondering what your cap style says about you. You might also be interested in what other flat cap styles mean and you might even consider buying something new that would match your personality better. If you are looking for a new flat cap or you want to revamp your wardrobe a bit, you can find a huge selection of Irish flat caps here.

Classic flat cap

In the past, flat caps were worn mostly for utilitarian reasons. These days, the flat cap is more of a fashion choice. However, the classic style is as popular as ever. The classic flat cap can mean different things depending on what you choose to match it with. If you usually just throw it on together with a cozy T-shirt and pair of jeans, it means that you are a laid-back person who likes to make other people feel comfortable. If you put effort into matching the colors and patterns, it means that you are a very agreeable person and you like to make a good impression on other people. The classic way to wear a flat cap is unsnapped. If you wear it unpinned or unsnapped, you are probably a warm and sensitive person.

The bold style

Flat caps are traditionally made of tweed, cotton, or linen. In the last decades, there are also flat caps made of materials such as denim or leather. While these are not as popular as the classic ones, they are very interesting personality markers. If you are one of those people who likes to wear leather or denim flat caps, it means that you are probably a bold and adventurous person who doesn’t like routine and who likes to challenge other people’s expectations.

The funky style

Patterned caps are not what people usually go for. This is because it’s a style that stands out and not everyone likes to attract too much attention to themselves. If you like to wear flat caps with a colorful or unusual pattern, it means that you are an eccentric person. You are most likely the life of the party! If you choose to wear a patchwork flat cap, especially a handmade one, it means that you value authenticity and you put emphasis on looking unique and interesting. If you wear the cap on one side or backward, you probably don’t care about other people’s expectations and you like to do your own thing.