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In the summer months, staying stylish is pretty simple. You can follow the magazine guidelines and strut out of the house and feel like you have complied with every fashion column that has caught your eye.

Then, winter comes. You might still know all of the current trends like the back of your hand – but things are that little bit more difficult to implement. In short, the weather is the cause of this, and we suddenly approach the situation by doing everything in our power to keep warm. Staying on-trend plays second fiddle.

Well, as much as we can’t change the temperature, we can provide a few tips to help you through the season. Let’s now take a look at some of these in further detail.

These boots aren’t made for walkin…

Well, when it comes to the colder months, you need to look at your footwear from more than one practical perspective. Granted, on one hand you need something that is going to allow you to stay on your feet if conditions become treacherous, but on the other you can use some types of footwear to keep warm as well.

No, we’re not necessarily referring to Ugg boots, but something like these knee high boots for Autumn will work a treat. They are something that can keep a large part of your leg warm and ultimately, provide another layer of insulation.

Make a hat work for you

You may have never been “a hat person”, but now is the time to change. As we all know, we lose most of our heat through our head and as such, a hat is an essential item of your wardrobe when the temperature drops.

The trend guidelines are going to differ each and every year, but in the interest of keeping as warm as possible any knit is probably going to serve you well.

Use color blocking to your advantage

As we all know, when you try and don some of these winter or autumn gardens things can look out of place pretty quickly.

This is where you need to use splashes of color to your advantage. If you are going to wear a pair of gloves or a hat, at least do so in style. In other words, make them bright and obvious – and don’t try and make them blend into the rest of your outfit. If you do that, you’ll simply merge everything together in an off-trend mess.

Layer with silk

Finally, let’s end with a point about layering. The most obvious piece of advice at this stage would be to tell you to layer – but you were probably all expecting that.

Instead, we’re going to tell you to layer with a specific material, in the form of silk. This might be thin, but that’s one of its top attributes. It can be layered really discreetly, while let’s also not forget that this is an exceptionally warm material as well.