June 13, 2024


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Using technology to boost aquaculture’s productivity and sustainability


Norway prospects the world’s aquaculture field the country’s cold coastal waters teem with very carefully husbanded fish shares, as Tor Hansen, Sea Internet site Supervisor, Martnesvika Norway at Cermaq clarifies:

“Cermaq generate salmon for the world-wide market. We look at the h2o quality all the time, 24/7, evaluate oxygen, temperature and salinity in the water. We operate outside the house in nature, so we have to acquire care of character at the exact time that we generate food stuff. It really is a person of the most critical things we do.”

Cermaq takes its accountability toward the welfare of fish and the broader setting significantly, where ever their farms are dependent. Harald Takle, Head of Method and Seawater Innovation at Cermaq explains how the company’s R&D office has educated their actions:

“We are accountable for the wellbeing of the fish in our care and we are also accountable for the wellbeing of the mother nature wherever we farm. For that reason, Cermaq based mostly all its farming choices on science and understanding. Cermaq has an R&D office that drives information improvement throughout the benefit chain from egg to harvest. This aids us protected a safe and sound childhood for the juvenile fish that we have in our freshwater facilities and also for the healthy development of salmon in a very clear, chilly ocean wherever we have our sea farms.”

From the shore, a lot of this technological know-how is concealed. Beneath the surface, even so, cameras and sensors are aspect of a developing technological know-how to watch and retain a well being report of each and every personal fish, letting Cermaq to intervene early without removing the fish from the cage.

This is just one of the simple outcomes of investigate that aims to boost fish well being, fish worth and decrease the footprint of manufacturing, over and under the waterline. Takle provides an case in point:

“Cermaq has manufactured a roadmap describing how we will pilot, validate and put into action new digital applications in our operations in Norway, Canada, and in Chile. We are doing work on implementation of equipment-assisted feeding techniques that satiate the fish with very very little feed decline.”

The meals sector contributes to almost a quarter of worldwide greenhouse fuel emissions. The seafood sector has a central purpose to enjoy. It truly is a local climate pleasant food resource, it is really wholesome, and for us to feed a billion much more folks on the planet in the coming decade, this is becoming crucial. We can find the very best alternatives and with each other we can scale influence. Which is why partnerships and collaborations are so vital in tackling weather alter.

Sine Raastad, Business Development Supervisor at Cermaq claims that it has to be about setting up rely on and awareness too:

“Cermaq is providing to in excess of 50 nations about the globe and every marketplace has unique wants. Our position is to educate the customer about exactly where and how the fish has been lifted so they can be assured that our solution is secure and responsibly produced. Traceability throughout the worth chain is a single of our best priorities in the markets.”

Minimizing the environmental effect of farming is at the forefront of Cermaq’s agenda, and as Erik Giercksky, claims, the remedy to the pollution issue is one particular that will have broad gains:

“Everybody’s really keen to see how this international field can acquire a leap in direction of applying technological know-how on website to restrict any destructive footprints on fish wellness and the setting. This highly developed technological innovation can be manufactured readily available for the entire field.”

For Giercksky, staying at the major of the marketplace usually means making use of science to travel towards sustainability, providing outcomes and functioning with traders, clients, and regulators for a improved long term:

“New systems and science can really push this changeover into a much more sustainable aquaculture business. Providers like Cermaq can share their insights. We want much extra of this if we are heading to satisfy the promise of furnishing healthy and healthier foodstuff for most people.”


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