July 21, 2024


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Unique Christmas Traditions that Only Danes Would Understand

The Christmas season is already here, and everyone is gearing up for the celebrations. Over the years, platforms like reviewsbird.dk have shown that unique Christmas customs exist and are practiced in different regions. This is also true in the Scandinavian region, where countries like Denmark engage in Christmas activities that others may find very unfamiliar.

Therefore, we are going to take a look at some of the Christmas traditions in Denmark that others may not understand.

It begins on Saint Lucia’s day

December 13 is considered Saint Lucia’s day in Denmark and other Scandinavian regions. This is when the Danish Christmas celebrations seem to begin actively. On such a day, children will visit churches, care homes for the elderly, hospitals, and schools. Girls wear crowns of candles in tribute to Saint Lucia, who took food to Christians in hiding by using a candle-lit wreath to find her path in the dark.

A Lucia Parade always holds in Tivoli Gardens, in the Danish capital, on Saint Lucia’s day, which features girls singing as they walk through gardens.

Advent calendars

Advent calendars have 24 divisions that serve as a countdown to Christmas day. The divisions are stuffed with sweets or chocolates, which will be consumed once a day has been counted. It is difficult not to find this item in a Danish home during the festive season. It is part of interior designs in Denmark during the festive period.

Julefrokost: The Danish Christmas lunch party

The Julefrokost is an interesting Christmas lunch practiced by citizens of Denmark. Such parties always include much eating and drinking and sharing of Christmas presents. Emails are sent before Christmas inviting people to such parties. 

Friends, relatives, and coworkers usually host these parties. It is difficult to see someone decline a Julefrokost invitation in Denmark because it is always fun. Other Scandinavian regions also practice this tradition.

Partake in the game of Pakkeleg

This game usually takes place at Christmas parties such as the Julefrokost. In this game, the participants present their gifts, each taking turns rolling a die. Whoever gets a six will take any present of their choice. The game continues in this fashion for five minutes or until all the gifts are claimed. Those who are lucky will claim many gifts, while some may have none.

Prepare rice pudding for Nisse

In Danish folk culture, it is believed that little creatures of an elven breed called Nisse visit houses on Christmas Eve. They are said to bring good fortune to houses. The Nisse always expects the occupants of the house it visits to keep porridge or rice pudding on the porch for it. This tradition is also popular in other parts of Scandinavia.


There are always Christmas traditions that are unique to different regions and cultures. These traditions may be shocking, and you may disagree about their existence if you don’t witness them yourself. The traditions above are unique to Denmark and are also practiced in some parts of Scandinavia.