Watches have become very popular among men and women. It gives them a chance to remain punctual and also enhance their fashion sense. The good quality watches are like a fashion accessory that can never go wrong. Whenever you are purchasing a new watch make sure that the quality and durability is high. The Rivoli shop promo code will help you grab big discount on the entire collection of branded watches. There is no doubt that branded watches can give an impressive appeal on the wrists. People can set new standards by wearing classy and iconic watches. The best thing is that you can wear urban watches casually and formally.

Sky Chief Date

The chief sky chief date watch has an automatic movement. There are good quality functions that feature hours, minutes, seconds and date display. The case of this watch is made with stainless steel and the rose gold bezel looks very impressive. It features a curved sapphire crystal with visually appealing coating on one side. The case is aligned and screwed at the back while the diameter is 43mm. This watch is water resistant up to 100 m. 

Raider Sea King

The raider sea king is another urban watch that will steal your heart. It features a smooth movement while the functions are easy to understand. This watch is made with stainless steel and also features a sapphire crystal. The diameter of this timepiece is 41mm while it is water resistant up to 300m. This dial is blue in color and the index marks are easy to read. You can use the Rivoli shop promo code and get a big discount on the price of this watch.

Raider Sea Bird

The raider sea bird has become on the top selling items online. You will be impressed with the visual appeal as it made with stainless steel. The dial of this watch is chocolate brown in color and it will feel easy on your wrist. There are luminous indexes while the hands of hours and minutes also look classy. The stainless steel bracelet has a butterfly clasp that fits on your wrist easily.

Raider Sea Sky

The Raider Sea Sky offers an automatic movement and the functions are really versatile. It is made with stainless steel case while the unidirectional rotating bezels makes it visually appealing. There is a sapphire crystal while the diameter is 44mm. It is also water resistant up to 200m. It is not difficult to maintain the quality of the watch as it is made with good materials. The color of the dial is yellow and black.

Sky Chief Chronograph

Are you looking for something innovative? You can easily purchase Sky chief chronograph that features quality features and design. This watch is made with stainless steel while the chronograph and 30 minute display is visually appealing. The color of the dial is burgundy that makes this watch a versatile addition in your collection. Don’t forget to visit and win the Rivoli shop promo code to get a big discount on the price of this watch.