Being able to buy a real Swiss watch is the dream of most of us, especially men for whom watches are often the only fashion accessories they wear throughout the year. But there can be a risk of encountering a fake product that would make you waste a large amount of money. In addition to ask an authenticity certificate, here are some tips to help you not getting fooled by scammers.

Can the Swiss Watch Price Be Too Good to Be True?

A real Swiss watch will cost a lot of money, mostly if you choose a well-known brand. Louis Chevrolet is an exception for this luxury watchmaker propose its Swiss watches at more affordable prices. Anyway, the costs are always higher than those of simple quartz watches. You pay for the craftsmanship and the great quality of the Swiss watch manufacturing. As a matter of fact, the manufacturer makes all of the movements by hand, and they use prestigious and robust raw materials. If you find a used luxury watch at an unbeatable price, chances are it is fake. Real Swiss watches even tend to be more expensive in time.

Play the “Find the Difference” Game before Buying a Swiss Watch

Find photos of what the Swiss watch is supposed to look like. Get pictures of the original seller if you can. Examine the case, engraving, marks carefully and look for any inaccuracies, even the most subtle ones. Fake watches will not be made with the same care as real luxury ones. A close inspection will reveal errors and mistakes made by the counterfeiter that will alert you to the fact that you are dealing with a fake watch.

Weigh the Swiss Watch

The quality of the materials used on authentic Swiss made watches is impeccable. The highest quality of steel, gold and platinum which gives luxury to watches their weight. Most fake models are made with substandard metals. So, you can usually tell the difference just by weighing the watch. If you have enough experience, you may be able to tell the difference simply by managing an actual watch versus a replica. Watch out for light watches that do not cost much. The best way of ensuring the authenticity of the accessory is to buy through a reputable sell like Louis Chevrolet. All of its watches have been checked and authenticated to give you peace of mind. Its goal is to make the process of buying Swiss watches exciting and fun!