March 4, 2024


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Three wool items that are a must-have

 Ever since humans have developed the need for garments, along with the necessary technique, we have sought to find more diverse materials to use in our endeavors to create clothes to our liking. What started as a necessity has slowly but surely become a distinguishing factor in society. With the emergence of new styles and trends, people have started to combine their personality with what they are wearing. However, as time passed by, there are still some items and materials that are considered to be timeless by both the average fashion enthusiast, as well as the high-end clothing enjoyer. Wool is one of these materials. Whether you like the comfort and warmth of it, or just appreciate it for its versatility and elegance, there are a number of items that should always find a place in your closet. Here are three of them.

Wool scarves

At one point in our lives, we probably had that grandmother who always took great pleasure in hand-knitting a plethora of items for us to wear. And it is not hard to admit that one of the most stylish and comfortable items that she bestowed on us were the wool scarf. Especially useful in the colder seasons, such as autumn, winter, or even early spring, this item is sure to add a touch of class to your outfit. On top of that, scarves are not necessarily gender-specific, so you can grab whichever one you want! Even if you bought your own scarf, this can be paired with every sort of outfit, offering a sure way of being classy.

Irish sweaters

If you are looking for a top that will perfectly match your mood, style, and needs, an Irish sweater is what you seek. The only thing that is not “one-size-fits-all” about this jumper is, ironically, its size. Even celebrities like Taylor Swift wear them, either for their coziness, or their appeal to the audience, as noticed in an article regarding her using one to promote one of her recent albums. Not only does this item come in handy for every season, but it also has an intricate history behind it. Its origins stem from the Aran Islands, one of the western points of Ireland. The wool that was initially used for knitting them had a special property: it made the garments water-resistant. This came in really handy for the wearers at the time, since they were custom-made for fishermen. As time went by, these sweaters started being sold to the mainland public as well, slowly making their way into industrial production. If this convinces you to get one for yourself or for your loved ones, you can purchase Irish sweaters from Tara Irish Clothing. Nowadays, there are very few people that still knit Irish sweaters by hand, but these never went out of style.

Fuzzy wool socks

Sometimes, it’s not about the clothes that are showing, as much as it is about how they feel. The fuzzy socks are the perfect example of this. Whether you want to wear them around the house, or on a cold day, these are a surefire way to keep your feet warm and protected from any harm. Another upside to this wonderful invention is that they come in different lengths: knee socks, crew socks, ankle socks, whatever your length of choice may be, there is no way you will be disappointed. These should always be found in one’s drawers, and are quite resistant items. Plain, brightly colored, or displaying a quirky pattern, you will always feel yourself in a pair of fuzzy wool socks.