June 21, 2024


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This Luxe Body Oil Is Dewy Summer Skin In A Bottle


For a long time, I stayed away from body oils out of fear that I’d look — and feel – as slick as a freshly-glazed Krispy Kreme doughnut. However, with oil-based formulations quickly dominating every beauty category — from glossy lip products to retinol-infused face potions — it was only a matter of time before the lubricating ingredient came for the entire corpus. Now I’m a convert thanks to products like Maude’s simple and sensual skin, MCT-based elixir and Bathing Culture’s jojoba-infused face and body oil, which have taught me to embrace this sensual product’s hydrating extra-ness. One doesn’t simply apply body oil — you anoint yourself with it.

My newfound enthusiasm for slick skin brings us to the most luxurious lubricant I’ve ever tried: Prima’s Beyond Body Oil. The science-backed clean beauty brand was launched in June 2019 by founders Honest Company alums Christopher Gavigan and Laurel Angelica Myers, along with Jessica Assaf, a social entrepreneur and cannabis-industry veteran, with a mission to harness the power of hemp and CBD in their expertly formulated skin care and wellness products. “Compounds in the hemp plant work … with our bodies to help us achieve better balance, especially when live gets stressful,” explains Assaf in a video on the brand’s website. (In May 2020, they touched down at Sephora stores.) Prima‘s product assortment features a broad lineup of face, bath, and body care, in addition to CBD supplements, healing salves, and more. The brand touched down at Sephora in May 2020.


I know you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but as far as first impressions go, Prima’s body oil was highly favorable. The frosted glass bottle looked like something out of an apothecary, and the oil’s texture was silky and lightweight — not greasy. There was a faint yet noticeable citrusy scent, which again gave me major spa vibes and was very soothing overall. As far as the 600mg of CBD goes, I can’t say that my muscles felt much of an impact, but CBD topicals have historically been hit or miss with me; either they’re transformative for alleviating sore, tired areas or pretty much do nothing other than feeling nice on my skin.

Reviewers on Prima’s site seemed satisfied with both the oil’s formulation and its relaxation properties. “My body craves this product, it slips on like silk and the aroma is heavenly,” wrote a verified buyer named Erica. “I use it after my shower and before bed for a relaxing deep sleep.” Erin B. added that the Beyond Body Oil was their “favorite daily ritual for stress relief,” and Virginia C. shared that “[t]his product really helps my dry skin, [and] [t]he CBD has also helped my hurting joints.” Kate M. elaborated on their personal experience with the oil’s restorative properties: “This is my go-to body oil,” they wrote. “I have nerve issues and the combo of CBD and magnesium really help me day-to-day. The smell is neutral, absorbs well and leaves my skin soft and smooth.”

I hinted earlier that the oil’s texture was pretty spectacular, and a quick look at the star ingredients sheds light on why: Plant-derived squalane, jojoba seed oil, and apricot kernel oil are a selection of the antioxidant- and fatty acid-rich components of the decadent formula. In addition to offering hydration on a surface level, the oil’s long-term effects also extend to naturally more radiant, softer skin with continued use thanks to vitamins A and E in apricot kernel oil — an ingredient more commonly found in face oils. There’s also magnesium present, which can help aid in soothing tired muscles and aiding in sounder sleep.

Since I’ve only been testing this body oil out for a few weeks, I can’t say much (yet) about the long-term beautifying effects; however, what I can do is wax poetic about its immediate results. A few drops were all I needed to hydrate my parched post-winter skin — the kind that looks like the “before” picture in a Dove body commercial. After rubbing it in, my skin felt instantly quenched, and my tattoos gleamed as if they were brand new. (They’re not.) At $56, Prima’s potion is definitely a splurge, but the bottle is generously sized and a little goes a long way since the oil is so concentrated.

Personally, I’ve realized that I’ve spent a lot of time, money, and effort fussing over a solid (face) skincare routine while in comparison, ignoring my skin below the neck. Thanks to this luxurious body oil, I have a feeling that’s about to change.

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