March 4, 2024


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These Are The 16 Best T-Shirts For Women

As we continue to spend our days at home, the best t-shirts for women — once reserved for weekend wear or evenings on the couch — have quickly become wardrobe staples. The humble T-shirt, which was once too casual for most offices, is now a viable workday option, making T-shirts one of the most practical and useful pieces in any given closet. Whether you prefer something oversized and supersoft, fitted and cropped, or somewhere in between, the best T-shirts for women in their many forms are inherently utilitarian.

While Vogue editors swear by their favorite white T-shirts, some are also known to join a meeting dressed in an old band tee or a tie-dye number, proving that the best T-shirts for women aren’t just classic white iterations. What makes for the perfect tee is truly in the eye of the beholder, and sometimes the best ones are the bold ones you’ll wear over and over again.

Here, 16 of the best T-shirts for women on the market now. Wear them now or wear them in 30 years— the best tees get better with time.

Striped T-shirts

Vogue editors love stripes. Whether that love takes form in a lightweight sweater or a T-shirt, there’s no question that stripes take things up a notch in a clean and sophisticated way.

Comme des Garçons play stripe T-shirt

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Slogan Tees

There’s nothing quite like snuggling up in a worn-in T-shirt that looks like it could be vintage (even if you didn’t pick it up from your parents’ closet). Invest in one now. Like a fine wine, it will only get better with age.

Paco Rabanne motel-print gathered cotton T-shirt

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R13 Velvet Underground lips boy T-shirt

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Saint Laurent Paris city T-shirt

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Patterned Tees

Tie-dye, animal print, and other graphic tees are perhaps the most of-the-moment T-shirts.

Eckhaus Latta tie-dye baby T-shirt

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Nanushka Guy zebra short-sleeve T-shirt

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Saks Potts symbol print ruched t-shirt

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John Elliott reconstructed tie-dye crop T-shirt

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Structural T-shirts

T-shirts with architectural components, like an asymmetric silhouette, tend to feel more elegant than your average tee. Use them to dress up an outfit for work, or in-person get-togethers in the future.

See by Chloé drapy asymmetric hem T-shirt

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