June 15, 2024


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The Pretzel Shack (a KORONA POS Video Testimonial)


Pretzel Shack’s Story

About four years ago, Anna was working as a pharmacy technician when she and her husband agreed that they both wanted a career change. They missed the traditional German baking that they had grown up with and decided to start selling their own pretzels, cakes, and bread at the local farmers’ market. Stony Plain actually has a history of German immigrants going back generations, which Anna believes helped galvanize the community’s interest in their products. 

In 2021, the couple took their game to the next level by opening a retail storefront. Since then, their brick-and-mortar shop has received excellent reviews on Facebook and Google and continues to grow month by month.

Why did they need a POS system?

As they prepared to open their retail location, they knew they needed a powerful, modern POS system. With KORONA POS they can execute sales quickly and accurately, making sure their lines are moving fast. Our powerful cloud-based software also allows them to handle all types of transactions, while tracking their customer purchasing patterns and streamlining inventory management.

How has KORONA POS helped them run their business?

Pretzel Shack has used KORONA POS since they opened and, in the words of Anna, they “would recommend us to any and all of their retail neighbors.” Our system makes running a small business astoundingly easier and more efficient, boosting your sales and optimizing performance.

Customer Support

As Anna mentions, the KORONA POS customer service team has always been readily available for all of her support needs. She has reached out to us through text, chatbox, and phone calls for questions she’s had, and has found fast resolutions every time. Feel free to give us a call today at 833.200.0213 to see how fast we actually are!

Customer Management

KORONA POS has helped Anna keep track of her customer purchase history so that she knows what they love to eat. She can even tell her clients exactly what they ordered months ago to remind them about some of their past purchases or inspire them to try something new. And with a built-in loyalty program, she can reward them with freebies and discounts directly through the POS.

Seasonal Reports 

The built-in sales reporting that KORONA POS offers delivers crucial data to your fingertips. Anna tells us that these reports are critical for her business, especially as it applies to seasonal and holiday items. For example, on Mothers’ Day, she can check in with last year’s data to see how certain items performed. This reporting has aided Pretzel Shack in reducing waste, increasing margins, and preparing for busy periods

Learn more about Pretzel Shack here! And if you’re ever in the area, be sure to swing by – the pretzels are legit.

For more information on KORONA POS, sign up for our unlimited free trial. And to see how it works for others, check out more reviews here.


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