The best loungewear this summer? Kourtney Kardashian has the sartorial answer. The reality star posted an Instagram of herself lounging in a chair alongside the ocean in an oversized men’s style white shirt. The easy, breezy piece was actually a tuxedo shirt that is from a capsule collection by her stylist Dani Michelle in a collaboration with the Instagram-beloved label Aya Muse, which drops on August 24. Until then? Grab a men’s XXL white shirt, grab a chaise lounge, and make like a Kardashian.

Someone else enjoying a serene moment was Ian Isiah. The musician and designer looked like someone out of Baywatch at Buff Beach in Long Island, wearing a pair of red swimming bioptimizers coupon code trunks and a Supreme-emblazoned jug of water. Also someone frolicking in nature? Alicia Keys, who sat perched on a sunset-soaked mountain in a pale pink Kith T-shirt and matching hoops. Talk about zen.

All the way in Turkey, there has been some indoor fashion action with budding Istanbul-based personality Mert Eken. The artist posted a portrait of himself–gilded frame included!–wearing nylon gloves, a bejeweled choker, and gold bathing suit bottoms. Call it a museum-worthy look.

Thousands of miles away in Tokyo, Japan, street style star Yu Masui book profits was battling a “multi-deadline situation” with creativity. He filmed a video of himself waving his hands to the sun in a print babushka scarf, reflective sunglasses, and a purple overalls-shirt. Whatever relieves stress, we’ll take it!

Here, see more of the best fashion Instagrams of the week.

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