Colin LoCascio Is the Kendall + Kylie Designer Making His Own Celebrity-Worthy Label

Photo: Courtesy of Colin LoCascio You’ve most likely seen Colin LoCascio’s paparazzi-ready creations. The 26-year-old designer has already created a fair share of head-turning pieces, especially outerwear, like a butter-soft, blazing orange fur coat for Bella Hadid (that she’s worn multiple times) and a yolk yellow version that Lil Yachty wore for his “Lady in […]

This Designer Is Making Crochet Lingerie for Men

Ravid Haken has been churning out crochet for quite some time. Based in Tel Aviv, the 33-year-old’s designs—which range from dresses to lingerie—come in sweet swirls of color, vary in texture, and are often decorated with tassels. There is always at least some sass...