July 21, 2024


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Tacky Holiday Earring Blog Hop

Tacky Holiday Earring Blog Hop

My friend Diana put out a challenge on Facebook a few weeks ago to create a tacky pair of earrings to sport with those lovely ugly Christmas sweaters. I thought it sounded like fun and jumped on board. 

Unfortunately I can’t wear earrings, but that doesn’t stop me from making them! I wanted to create earrings that I could gift to my 20-something daughter and niece, who are always up for fun. 

I’m not sure if these are exactly tacky, but they are bit more wild than things I’d normally create. So grade me on my Humblebeads scale, these are pretty out there for me! 

My first pair I used my folk earring charms that were inspired by the patterns of knitted socks. I used large wood beads with Czech glass and tied tinsel-ish ribbon between the beads. I could so see my daughter wearing these with a cute pink sweater, rocking around the Christmas tree. 

I spotted these triangle frames at the craft store and immediately thought they’d make a good Christmas tree. I knotted them with Czech glass beads in between and added a bit of sparkle for the star. These are some seriously long earrings, the tiny bits of waxed linen at the bottom touch the shoulders! These will go to my niece who wears super huge earrings all the time. 

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