May 19, 2024


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Spring Colors I Am Excited to Try Now


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Hello Spring!! Now that we are officially in spring, I am super excited to incorporate all the fun colors that come with spring. Spring 2022 will bring some of the boldest colors this year. Yes, I am excited to try these spring 2022 color trends right now! Although I am usually not the one to follow trends, I do love to check what the year’s color trends are and see how I can help you incorporate it into your current style. After reviewing what the designers anticipated at this year’s color trends, I can’t deny that I am loving it. Let me paraphrase it, I am loving some colors more than others. Most of these colors have been a part of my wardrobe so it is not so new to me. 

Are you excited to try any spring color trends? The spring colors I am excited to try now are orange, pink, lime/neon green, bold yellow, and very peri which is the Pantone color of the year – think light purple meets lavender. If you have been a fan of my looks, you have probably seen me wear some if not all of these colors. I previously styled a pink and orange look here as tips on how to refresh your summer wardrobe with colors. I also shared a fun orange set on how to style color. More recently, I shared some bold spring color haul on my Youtube channel here…you will love it! With that said, I am excited about bold colors and all spring color trends.

Spring Colors I Am Excited to Try Now

  1. HOT PINK: This is not your light pink color. Think of the bold hot pink or Fuchsia color.
  2. BRIGHT ORANGE: This spring 2022, it is all about wearing the brightest orange color you can find. This is not the first time this color trend is making an appearance in spring. What not to love about wearing a bright citrus orange color? Don’t be afraid to rock a head-to-toe orange look.
  3. NEON GREEN & KELLY GREEN: There’s nothing better than having an option of two shades of green for spring trends. The neon green color might be a bit too bold for some people but that shouldn’t scare you away from giving it a try. You can start with wearing a neon/lime green item as seen in this post here where I am wearing this Attico lime-green mules. For “Kelly green”, imagine the leafy green color tones or emerald green shade. Lately, I have noticed that I am leaning toward wearing and buying a lot of green. I am currently eyeing this Jacquemus green bag.
  4. CANARY YELLOW: I have always been a fan of yellow and this year, yellow is in! Think bold, rich yellow tones. Yellow is an exciting and happy color to year, so get on it now!
  5. VERY PERI: This is Pantone’s color of 2022. Think of a softer purple shade.
  6. SKY BLUE: This shade of blue is very subtle and refreshing. I recently shared a video wearing a sky blue slip skirt on my Instagram reels.

When it comes to styling and wearing these bold colors this spring, you don’t have to wear a monochromatic bold color look, you can start with accessories.

River Island orange blazer and trouser, ATTICO mules

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