Shape The Change And #BreaktheBias Virtual Event

Get ready curvy besties, because our friends at Shapermint are hosting a virtual event, which is hosted by the @TheCurvyFashionista! This International Women’s Day, Shapermint challenges all women to shape the change and #breakthebias. They will “provide the everyday essentials to help you confidently break the bias and challenge the status quo.”

We cannot think of a better way to spend International Women’s Day than to discuss the biases that women face in the world and how to combat them. The virtual event will take place on Instagram Live under Shapermint’s account on March 8th at noon (EST). Make sure you tune in and bask in the empowering vibes! You can follow Shapermint on Instagram here, so you don’t miss out on this talk!

Shape The Change And #BreaktheBias

Shape The Change And #BreaktheBias Virtual Event

Bias – defined as prejudice in favor of or against one thing, person, or group compared with another, usually in a way considered to be unfair.

No matter their background, shape, size, or age Shapermint is pushing the envelope and having the tough conversations about how women can support each other and break down the barriers! It is their mission to empower women and help shape the change for women’s equality.

The event will also include women we love: Mayra Mejia (TCF Editor and Founder of @The event will also include women we love: Mayra Mejia (TCF Editor and Founder of PlushDMV), Carmen Renee (Speaker & Body Acceptance Activist @eatthecaketoo), and Gabrielle Richards (Sr. Brand Manager at Shapermint & Body Positive Activist @gabpositive).

Listen to Women Share Their Vulnerability and What Makes Them Strong

In a society that does not see beauty in spaces in which it is deserved, we do not have to continue to let these biases go by without being addressed. This is not an event you want to miss, because the conversation is going to be amazing! TCF is excited to be hosting this event and we hope to see you there for it all!

So what does breaking the bias mean for you and your body? What change do you want to shape this month? Comment below!

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