June 16, 2024


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Serli & Siroan’s Custom Engagement Rings Toronto

Buying engagement ring could be the most precious purchase of your life. You must be very careful while choosing and buying a ring for your most loved woman of your life. Following are some good tips to consider while buying one of the Serli & Siroan’s custom engagement rings Toronto.

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1.Selection of the most suitable metal:

When you need to consider the metals for the engagement ring, then it is always better to choose either gold or platinum. They are the hardest and most durable metals in order to get the jewel pieces ready. Moreover, engagement ring is something that will be worn by your loved one for life. It will face the most frequent wear and tear. Therefore, it has to be solid and made up of strongest metal. Silver could never be a good option, as it is not much stronger and will not be able to withstand a lot of wear and tear.

If you have a big budget to spend on engagement ring then platinum could be the best choice. It is the strongest one and is too pricey. But if your budget is not too big, then you can go for gold metal. It is very rough and tough. Moreover, gold metal is available in three colors including white, yellow and rose gold. And you want to spend more, then you can go for 18carat otherwise 9carat is also a good option for those who do not have enough money to spend on a ring.

2.Selection of diamond:

Sometimes a lot of information can be too confusing and would not be considered as a help. So let’s directly go to the point. If you are not sure of the diamond shape you must choose for your loved one, then you should go for the basic but stunning option of round cut single solitaire. It looks perfect on anyone’s finger. For safe side you can choose up to half carat diamond as it will not only look exquisite but will also be a good balance in price. This kind of diamond ring will look sparkly and will be loved by your girl for sure.

3.Ready the terms carefully:

Make sure that you closely and carefully read the terms and policy of return and exchange of the ring. Moreover, also ask your jeweler about the resizing policy. Most of the time, the jewelers give the option of return of the ring in case the size does not fit. Otherwise, if you are planning to buy customized ring then there might be some hurdles and limitations on exchange and return policy. So, never be in haste and read the terms and policy with great attention.

4.Check on the guarantee:

There should not be any confusion on this point. When you are spending so much on purchasing of the engagement ring then you cannot afford to buy something that has some manufacturing flaws and faults. So, it is necessary to find if your jeweler is offering you with any type of guarantee or not.

5.Get it insured:

When you are spending so much money on the ring, then it is better to get it insured. The insurance will help you in case of misplacement of the ring in the future.