May 23, 2024


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Scents of Wood Oud in Acacia Perfume Review


This is like heat spiced drink on a amazing day, and I think it’ll appeal to a ton of people today.

Scents of Wood Oud in Acacia. In a current market where by every thing appears to be finished previously, this manufacturer ages their alcoholic beverages in barrels and then generates the perfume with the result. A resulting woodiness in all elements of the fragrance is part of the brand identity, and Oud in Acacia is appealing mainly because it’s in essence wooden in much more wood… but with out that generic woody dry down we’ve all turn out to be familiar with.

TextThis is a a bit sweet perfume, which is pretty ambery, boozy (there is unquestionably a rum accord in there), and a bit spicy.  The opening has a yummy candied rose that’s positively delectable, but if you’re not genuinely a rose human being, never be concerned due to the fact this part of the perfume is fairly fleeting and doesn’t previous extremely extensive.  Even with the rose, I in fact think that this fragrance is quite unisex.

The oud is sweet somewhat than getting soiled or medicinal. The drydown is certainly delectable and in which the immortelle shines, with its maple syrup aspects, and a contact of vanilla provides to the yumminess of this fragrance.

This is not something I would commonly acquire or even consider, but it’s so stunning and I’m making the most of it fairly a little bit.

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