May 18, 2024


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Reasons to appoint a real estate broker over an FSBO – Look before you leap

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If you’re someone who is planning to sell your home on your own, which is also called ‘FSBO or For Sale by Owner’, you can save hundreds of dollars. If your home’s price is $250,000, the commission charged by your real estate agent will be 5-6%, that’s somewhere around $15,000. Isn’t that a blow on your pocket? 

Well, given the mammoth size of this fee, you may think that FSBO is the best option when it comes to selling your house. However, here are few reasons why you should better opt for a real estate broker than an FSBO. 

  • The realtor of the buyer won’t even show your home

When you opt for an FSBO, the buyer’s agent will be aware of the fact that there’s no professional expert involved on the other side. Hence, even if his client persuades him to show your house, he will discourage him telling him about the cons of closing a deal with a seller who doesn’t have a professional representing him. In short, FSBO sellers are considered unreasonable, unrealistic and tough to deal with. 

  • Real estate agents never do emotional sales

Selling off your home is usually an emotional process. But when you have a real estate broker by your side, you are less likely to make silly blunders that can cost you in the long run. Mistakes may include overpricing your home, refusing a low offer just because you seem offended or surrendering too easily when you have a deadline for your home sale. With a real estate, following up with clients is much easier. 

  • Selling real estate requires lot of time

Every time someone contacts you for visiting your property, will you be able to rush back home from work? Whenever you attend a meeting, can you excuse yourself every time your phone rings? Do you think you’re a pro in marketing homes? If no, you should instantly consider hiring a real estate agent who can do all these tasks on your behalf. 

  • Dragging out unqualified buyers is sometimes tough

It is an agent who can understand whether or not someone who views your house is a qualified buyer or just a nosey neighbor. This is a lot of work as your daily life comes to a halt while you have to attend such people. If you wish to limit all these hassles and continue with your work and family life, hand over the job to your real estate agent. They know how to determine the seriousness of the buyer.

  • Negotiating on the price requires skill

Although you may have enough sales experience, you need to specialize in negotiating a home sale. The real estate agent has this skill to succeed in a negotiation and this means less money out of pocket for the seller. When you hire an experienced selling agent, he must have negotiated thousands of home sales and will have a clear idea.

Henceforth, after going through all the points listed above, don’t you think it is always a wiser idea to hire a real estate broker than go for an FSBO sale?