June 13, 2024


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Plus Size Guide To Choosing The Right Activewear

A Guide to Finding the Right Plus Size Activewear - US Times Now

When it comes to choosing activewear, people need to make sure that they have a combination of both functionality and style. No matter how beautiful a sports bra is, if it can’t keep your breasts in place, then it’s rendered useless! The same thing applies to buying your shapewear, and in particular corsets for plus size women. Shapewear is often worn to prevent hip, pelvic and shoulder pains, which means that it is important for active people to find the right kind of support when working out.

What Are You Going To Use It For?

When picking the right activewear, always ask the question – where am I going to use it for? Will it be for yoga, tennis, running, cycling, or a simple brisk walking? Figure out the activities that you’ll be doing to help you find the right piece of activewear suitable for your needs. These pieces of garments will greatly depend on the activities you’ll be doing, which may also include the number of layers needed to help support your activities.

Low Impact Activities

If you’re going to be doing low impact activities such as walking and yoga, you have to think of proper layering. Although they’re low impact activities, they’ll keep you in your activewear for longer periods of time. You need a heavy-duty base layer, with loose clothing that’ll make you feel comfortable even for prolonged periods of wearing it. You don’t need to look for an underwire when picking up a sports bra; always think of comfort so look for those that have stretchy and winder straps. For pants, consider going with capri pants and/or high-waisted leggings.

Mixed Impact Activities

If you’re regularly going to the gym or doing sports, you’ll experience a bit of both low and high impact. When choosing which activewear to pick out, always go with ones that can support high impact activities to prevent injuries.
Plus Size Guide To Choosing The Right Activewear

High Impact Activities

Are you planning on doing tennis, running and/or football? Find activewear that is meant for high impact activities. It’s more than just buying a nice set of a sports bra – although this could come in handy too. Look for those that come with wide padded straps with additional support. Some come with an underwire, or you may support it with an extra layer of sports vest.

Primary Features

When you’re looking for plus-size activewear, one of the important things that you should look for would be the material’s breathability. Cotton material is more comfortable. Also, you may want to consider searching for brands that have always put comfort in mind when designing their activewear.


Wide shoulder bands are preferred for sports bras. You may also find padded straps to provide extra shoulder support. You may also layer it up with a fitted bodysuit to make sure that your activewear remains where it needs to be.


Regardless if you prefer wearing capri pants, leggings, or yoga pants, ALWAYS go with a high-waist. This is to ensure that your bottoms get the support that it needs. For more comfort, find those with wider waistbands that provides core support while keeping the waistband in place.


This is where the main support starts. Find the most supportive one that you can find. Choose long shorts to prevent thighs from chafing, and again, wide waistbands so that your underwear won’t shift.

Outdoor / Cold Weather Wear

If your activity consists of being in outdoors for prolonged periods of time, make sure that you’re ready during the cold season. Your base layers must remain supportive, but breathable and long layers on the outside.

The general rule of the thumb is to stick with the simple principles when choosing a plus size activewear that’s suited for your needs. Right-sizing, proper layers and always go for wider bands on your shoulders, waist and breasts. Once you got those things figured out, the next thing to do would be to find ones in the colour of your choice.