By now we’re familiar with Nicki Minaj’s outré take on fashion. From her music videos to her appearances in the front row, the hip hop legend dresses fearlessly and with camp flair. Naturally, when it’s time for Minaj to make an announcement she does so with panache, and this morning she dropped a bombshell on the internet with the announcement of her pregnancy. The star took to Instagram to share a glamorous photo of her bump and the news that she and husband, Kenneth Petty, were expecting. Minaj put the focus on the imagery by simply captioning her Instagram update #preggers. Shot by photographer Alex Loucas while clad in a patchwork Swarovski crystal detailed bikini by Lacey Dalimonte, marabou tipped platform heels, and diamond chains, she was sexy as ever, though the pastel backdrop and pose hinted at her next chapter.

Celebrity pregnancy announcements have grown more elaborate over the years—the carefully executed maternity updates of Minaj’s collaborators Beyoncé and Katy Perry are a testament to that—but rap’s fiercest clotheshorse may have delivered the most “fashion” Instagram reveal of them all. Everything from the neon yellow curled coif to the pastel marabou feathers on those PVC platforms spoke to her personal aesthetic and made for a joyous mood befitting the celebratory occasion.

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