May 19, 2024


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Meet the Co-Founders Making Conscious Shopping Easier


Today we are talking with Cara Oppenheimer and Cary Telander Fortin, the co-founders of goodbuy, about how their business is helping people shop consciously. Below are excerpts from the full conversation, viewable above.

Oppenheimer: I am the child of small-business owners. I watched my parents go through the rise of mega-retailers and ecommerce stores and how much that squashed the visibility for small businesses. During the pandemic, I bought a couple of insulated water bottles on a big mega-retailer [site]. I went to visit my parents in their store and noticed right away, at the point-of-purchase display, the same water bottle. It just clicked for me at that moment that there are thousands of retailers out there who are carrying the same products that we all need and want. We just can’t see them.

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For goodbuy, it was about creating visibility for all of these small businesses. What happened was, in the middle of the night one night, I woke up and thought of the idea and texted Cary and said, “It’s a browser extension that intercepts all of your reflexive, online, mega-retail shopping and offers you the same product, or better, from a values-aligned business.” She woke up and said, “THIS is it,” and we got to work.

So how does your product help people shop consciously?

Oppenheimer: Seventy percent of all online U.S. spending goes into the pockets of literally 15 mega-retailers. That was a big jumping-off point for Cary and I to think about what goodbuy meant as a business. It is was, first and foremost, visibility for small businesses. That is what we stand for. Thereafter, it’s about supporting businesses with conscious practices, with sustainable products, with vegan products, with American-made products and various owner identities like Black-owned, women-owned, AAPI-owned. The list goes on.

Before we created goodbuy, it was really time consuming to be able to shop consciously. You’ve got a sustainable marketplace over there and a women-owned marketplace over here. Everything’s very siloed, but really what you have is a product need. You’ve got a wallet you need, or a water bottle you need, and it would be nice if you could support a small business or be more conscious with your purchase. That’s ultimately why we created what we did.

Can you explain how the goodbuy extension works? 


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