April 14, 2024


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LI bra boutique looks to help you find the perfect fit

If your cups runneth over, your straps dig into your shoulders or you feel like you’re wearing a mini straitjacket, you’re likely wearing an ill-fitting bra — a problem most women know all too well.

But there’s support — and the right type of support — to be found at The Fitting Curve in Rockville Centre. It’s an appointment-only lingerie store that specializes in bras for women of all ages, shapes and sizes and mastectomy styles are sold as well.

And now that COVID restrictions are lifting and weddings and other large formal events are being held once again, the shop is a super busy go-to these days for special occasions.

The owners are three women dedicated to helping customers find the right bra and one that’s so comfortable they’ll actually look forward to wearing it.

They can help a woman who’s worn the wrong bras for years or a girl shopping for her first bra to understand what it takes to win the comfort battle against what can be a formidable wardrobe foe.

“It’s one of the most technical garments,” explains Kelly Saintus, 36, of Boston, Massachusetts. She co-owns the shop with Helene Delince, 42, and Stephanie Vincent, 31, both of Baldwin. They say it’s therefore common for women to think they know what their bra size is when they don’t.

“I had an 82-year-old woman come in who said she just wanted to be comfortable,” Delince says. “She thought she was a B cup and she was a 38 DD.” Delince adds, “Most people continue to buy the size they bought in the beginning. They don’t realize they have to see if things have changed.”

Delince says some of the main things someone trying on a bra should keep in mind is whether it’s snug around the band, the wires are encompassing all of the breast tissue, and if there’s “spillage” over the cup.

She notes too that no one bra fits all occasions and lifestyles, so a bra wardrobe is necessary.

“We even have a COVID-19 Zoom bra that’s really comfortable with no wire that makes you feel like you’re wearing nothing,” Saintus says.

It takes a lot of “great curating” by the store to be able to offer so many selections of bras, Vincent says. She notes band sizes range from a 30 to 46 or a 48 depending on the cup size, and cup sizes range from an A to an L, and N and O cups are available in certain sizes.

Plans are for the trio to open other The Fitting Curve stores, including one planned for Boston, Massachusetts in 2022.

Prices range from about $50 up to $100. Hours are 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday. The Fitting Curve (thefittingcurve.com) is located at 222 Merrick Road.