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Introducing CELLESTER, new Japanese-style face and body program that make people look their best


TOKYO, Feb. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Introducing Cellester LEGEND, a new 3 in 1 smart platform that can produce amazing anti aging effects, with latest collagen boosting and anti glycation functions. A new system which physicians, beauticians and consumers can benefit from.

Cellester LEGEND - Powerful anti aging treatment inspired by Japanese culture of perfect beauty

Cellester LEGEND – Powerful anti aging treatment inspired by Japanese culture of perfect beauty

Japan plays a major role in the global beauty market. Latest beauty technology has made what used to be very expensive machines more accessible to the general public. The outstanding result of Cellester LEGEND is comparable to US$1000+ high end treatments currently performed at expensive spa in New York, Paris and Geneva. You can enjoy luxurious and effective anti aging facial and body treatment at nearby beauty salons, or even at home.

The latest machine Cellester LEGEND combines latest cosmetic technology in radio frequency, thermal heat waves, and cryo energy to reduce wrinkles and improve skin elasticity. It employs a combination of modalities to precisely and optimally heat the dermis, helping collagen and elastin fibers to regenerate. It can also be used as a thermal massager for face and body. Results are both immediate and long lasting. Constant treatment can help maintain this outstanding rejuvenation result.

Japanese culture of art and beauty positively influences the rest of the world, especially in the world of aesthetics and cosmetic products. Flawless skin, slender body figure and elegant bust figure are now the standard for Asian beauty. Inspired by the Japanese concept of “WA” (harmony), the Cellester LEGEND technology helps to gently wake up the cell’s own power to heal and regenerate new skin, making youthfulness in appearance possible without invasive surgeries nor injections. The warming sensation is similar to a hot stone massage. In a single treatment, healthcare, skincare and overall wellness is achieved.

Cellester provides non-invasive clinical solutions to what used to be only achievable via expensive surgeries with downtime. The market price for a machine assisted collagen treatment plan would already cost over US $1500$2000. On the contrary Cellester LEGEND allows for UNLIMITED use for UNLIMITED amount of users. It is ideal for both beauty salons and individual consumers. Clients can visit a nearby authorized salon to experience the magic, or even own the machine, and share the amazing effects with family members, best friends, and boyfriend for maximum value.


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