July 21, 2024


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Inside Retail: Tech Talks – A New Five-Part Podcast Series from EDITED


EDITED is excited to premiere our new miniseries, Tech Talks. We’ll be unpacking the key questions businesses need to ask to compete in the rapidly-changing retail landscape with the power of Artificial Intelligence technology. 

Season 1 kicks off with the help of EDITED’s Senior Vice President of Retail Science, Michael Ross, and President/Chief Strategy Officer, John Squire, joining host Grace Hill for this five part, in-depth series.

Episode 1 Asks: AI in Retail & ECommerce: How Can it Drive Your Business?

In this introduction, Michael & John start with the basics. What is AI and how can businesses better define this increasingly ubiquitous concept into a successful and meaningful strategy.

While everyday uses of AI are found in tasks previously performed by humans (think Google or Alexa) its applications for brands and retailers offer a new way to use this technology to solve complex problems through machine learning.


Michael Ross is the Senior Vice President of Retail Science at EDITED, Co-Founder of DynamicAction and an Executive Fellow at the London Business School.

John Squire is the President and Chief Strategy Officer at EDITED, Co-Founder of DynamicAction and a member of the NRF Digital Council.


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