June 21, 2024


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Importance Of SEO For Your Business

1. Better rankings, enhanced brand recognition, and more visibility

More often than not, a business’s website is their first point of contact with the online audience. It provides you with the right opportunity for generating valuable sales, leads, and more importantly, conversions.

Most users searching for information online use a search engine to find it. If your website isn’t at the top of search results for relevant terms and your target audience is unable to discover your website in the organic SERPs, you will be losing out on a lot of business.

The primary source of traffic to a website is organic search. Many studies have confirmed including one from Advanced Web Ranking that top-ranked website in the organic SERPs gets around 30 to 35% of the traffic for a search term whereas the last webpage on the first page of search results gets on average 1.4% traffic for that search term. It simply means that top ranking websites have a huge advantage over the rest of the websites.

2. Better user experience

On-site optimisation also results in a better user experience for site visitors. In any case, your focus should be on improving the user experience as much as possible, and on-page optimisation tactics also help in accomplishing this.

Optimisation tactics focusing on matching the intent of the search engine users and quality needs a positive user experience which is then leveraged to work in the favour of a brand. Optimisation focuses on enhancing certain technical aspects of the website which also help in enhancing user experience.

Certain tactics such as improvement in page speed for faster loading of websites, creation of engaging and valuable content, and making sure that the website is properly optimised for mobile users are some of the things that not only help in achieving better rankings but also provide a better user experience.

SEO is constantly evolving and these days, the focus is on providing high quality and effective content to users which directly answer their queries. Over the years, Google has turned into somewhat of an answer engine which means the data users want is presented directly on the search engine result pages.

Google wants to provide the required information to users in as few clicks as possible. Search engine users already know what they want out of search queries. If your website isn’t able to satisfy the queries of these search engine visitors, Google will push your website back and eventually, it will result in much lower organic traffic.

Overall, search engine optimisation also results in a better user experience and when you are considering these benefits, maybe you should think about including the optimisation plans into a bigger website design strategy. Check out our website design services page to know more.

3. Long-Term Success

SEO can provide quick results and can be extremely effective for short-term results, which isn’t something you hear often. However, what sets search engine optimisation apart from various other digital marketing efforts is the return it brings in the long run. It can provide a significant ROI in the long term. While you will need to put in some groundwork but you can benefit from it for a long period of time. If you are unsure of what SEO companies you have in your local area then do a Google search to find what’s near you. It may be in your best interest to see what SEO agencies you have near you just do a Google search. Just type something like SEO companies with your location (e.g. SEO company in Basingstoke).

Various other digital marketing tactics and pay-per-click are great at driving targeted traffic and sales but you need to keep paying to get that traffic. As soon as you stop paying for traffic, there are no visitors.

On the other hand, think of search engine optimisation as an investment than the cost of bringing the traffic. Optimisation tactics will keep providing a whole lot of benefits to your business for long after the changes have been made. The right way to see SEO is to think of it as building a strong foundation for the house.