May 18, 2024


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How to choose the correct shoe size for you

How a Running Shoe Should Fit: Finding the Right Size & Type For You

With the online industry growing every day, most people are now purchasing their shoes online. However, some may still be hesitant to do so, mainly because buying shoes is different from buying clothing. Some shoes may be uncomfortable, not fit correctly or look right. Thankfully, many reviews on Luminablog provide helpful information on what stores sell the best footwear. Additionally, XY London has various options for women’s footwear, perfect for any occasion. 

How to know what your shoe size is online 

Buying shoes online can be tricky, mainly because many different sizing options are available. For example, you could be one size in a US measurement and a completely different size in a UK measurement. Therefore, you should know how to measure your foot correctly to ensure you get the correct size. Firstly when measuring your foot size, put a pair of socks on your feet, place one foot on a piece of paper and draw the outline of your foot. Once you have done that, you will need to mark the longest and widest part of your foot. Furthermore, repeat the process to the other foot. Once you have your measurements, you can compare them to a size chart to determine your shoe size. 

What you should know about returns

The majority of online clothing stores have strict rules for returns. For example, the clothing either has to be unopened, or the clothing companies tag still needs to be attached to the clothing to ensure you get your money back. Therefore when returning anything, it is essential to know your rights. For example, you have the right to cancel any order made within 14 days of your purchase. You have an additional 14 days to return said items from then on. Moreover, it is imperative to read the companies return policy as some companies may have an extended return policy.  

Latest shoe trends

If you are in the search for new shoes but do not know what to look for or purchase, here are the current shoe trends of 2022, so far. For the upcoming year, sparkly, bright and quirky patterned heels are coming into trend. There is a definite 90’s nostalgia that comes with this type of shoe, especially with the tiny heel. In addition, square toe boots are becoming quite popular. Moreover, the classic ballet flats are making a huge comeback this year. Lastly, everything needs to be a platform, from boots to heels; everything is high and chunky. 

Intelligent ways to store your shoes

If you are a shoe lover and have very little to no space to store your shoes anymore, here are some unique ways to keep your shoes so that you do not end up tripping on them. Firstly, if you have a hallway bench in your home, you could store them in there, and as you leave, you could quickly pop them on and off.  Moreover, consider putting slid in cupboards in the understairs area of your staircase. You could then place all your shoes in the said storage area and take a pair when on your way out of the door. Lastly, purchase an empty bookshelf and place some of your shoes in it, showing them off.

Shoes are a basic necessity, and by ordering them online, you can beat the inconvenience of going into an actual store. However, it is imperative to measure your size correctly before purchasing a pair. If they do not fit perfectly, you usually have 14 days to return them.