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How do retain them for long?


Well, it is good to make efforts to bring in customers for your business but retaining them is equally important. The studies I have researched have confirmed that loyal or repeated customers spend extra, however, it also, makes selling easy.  Annually, the repeated customers spend 120% more than the new ones. Briefly, I can say that retaining salon clients is essential for your Salon’s growth.  Being into the beauty and wellness industry, you must be aware of its competitiveness. 

Additionally, it would be very expensive and difficult to find new customers.  However, choosing reliable Salon software could also be a great help in this digital world. 

There are several solutions out there in the market that can streamline the task of handling your operational tasks. Hence, giving you ways of retaining customers. In addition to this, there are other vital aspects that require your consideration. Urge to know them all? Then, read on!

Tips To Improve The Salon Clients’ Retention Rate

#1. Personalized Customer Experience

Personalized Customer Experience

My estimate says that every customer gets satisfied when they receive both good services and personal attention. Make them feel valuable by asking for their valuable feedback on the given services. Mark my words- the friendly nature and personalized services encourage the salon clients to revisit and avail of services.

From the Salon software database, you can check their previous services, preferences, etc. hence, serve them accordingly in the future. Moreover, wish them on their birthdays, anniversaries, or important occasions to make them loyal to your brand.  

Significantly, effective communication and the best customer experience go hand-in-hand. So, using them effectively can give you long-lasting customers for your salon and confirms a higher bottom line. 

#2. Prohibit from forcing them to book again

Do not force them for booking

Over-convincing can lead to setbacks. Do not do that, forks! If you will, then, it only irritates your customer and they will not prefer to visit you again. The better approach is to leverage the SMS or Email system to ask them their views on the experience they had with your Salon services. Instead of interrupting them in their daily schedule, simple text. Even I like to get notified by messages instead of calling again! So, do the same with your customers. 

Moreover, it would be better if you will communicate in their native language. The email or SMS could be like “For making your hair best, let’s schedule another booking”, or “Do not let the symptoms prevail again, book an appointment for regular treatment.”  Remember the messages have to be friendly, normal and yes, showing urgent concern. 

#3. Let them book online with ease

Let them book online with ease

If your staff has the right skills and the best software has been implemented in your Salon, then, you can surely retain customers. Positively, it is a must to implement a smooth and customizable process for higher rebooking.  

In this digital world, no one prefers to visit the Salon in person to make appointments. If you ask me, I have made a number of my appointments online and had a smooth experience. There are several tools that ease the process of booking online. Using them will instill your customers and booking appointments turns out to be a breeze. So, do it now!

With the right Salon Software, you can authorize them to book at their convenience.  The best part, it is not time-bound. The solution even allows to schedule appointments outside the office hours. Simply, the customers can check the available time slots, staff etc. and therefore, can book. Several online appointment booking software has a notification system that does not let no-shows happen, confirming regular footfall and cash flow. 

#4. Entice them with loyalty programs

Loyalty program

Loyalty Programs set a high value when it comes to retaining customers. So, You need to Build Salon Client Loyalty to engage them. Is there anyone who would not like to get discounts or free gifts? I don’t think there is anyone! So, get benefit by offering so.  

If your regular customers will receive loyalty programs directed towards free services or discounts, then, the chances of their return are higher.  This practice will confirm to them that they are highly invested in your Salon. Research confirms that around 83% are likely to receive services from a salon that offers loyalty programs. So, let it spread its magic to your business my friends and fill in your Salon seats regularly. 

#5. Provide an easy payment method

Provide an easy payment method

Fortunately, the Salon software simplifies the process of transactions. It accepts payments from third-party platforms through a secure medium. Majorly, the solution lets the customers pay from Stripe, Paypal, and authorize. net, etc.   

However, you can also authorize them to pay from another reliable payment gateway for completing the payment smoothly. One piece of advice here is to accept upfront of every service in advance so that in case the customers do not show up on time, you do not face the consequence.  Allow them to either pay full or half while booking online only. 

#6. Organize A Salon Event

Arrange an event and invite customers to confirm they are a priceless asset to your salon business. Also, let them bring their family members or friends. Does it cost you anything? I don’t think so! So, it would be better if the event is entertaining, and give prizes, refreshments, and treatments, to them. Interact to know their opinions and if possible, publicize your salon to get new customers as well. It always works!! Her, benefitting from word-of-mouth is of great advantage to engaging customers. 

#7. Don’t abandon after the appointments

Don’t abandon after the appointments

This is the most important point and many salons often lack it. Usually, when the Salon clients are done with the services, the staff member forgets to take follow-ups and even stays in touch with them. It is true if the services are satisfied, then customers will visit the Salon again and again. But, also reminding them and staying in touch is very important to invite them over repetitively. Do not forget that!

#8. Remember- the first impression is important

Remember- the first impression is important

When the customer first visits your Salon, it is important to give them the best impression. We all know “first impression is the last one”, so, make it! 

It doesn’t matter if you have interacted with customers on social media, website, or face to face, choose to give them a positive vibe when they visit your Salon.  I have jotted down the key points that require your definite attention, check them out below:

  • The Salon site has to be engaging and user-friendly
  • Business profiles on all social media channels should be updated and appealing.
  • Greet your customers pleasantly every time
  • Salon decoration should reflect your niche
  • Maintain hygiene, tidiness and cleanliness 
  • Salon staff should be skilled and professional


I rest my case!

Of course, your Salon business is growing and is an assuredly profitable one. But, it is important to take measures that will help in retaining salon clients for a long time. Yes, it is a usual tendency for customers to visit only if they get good services and are treated well. Hence, follow the strategies mentioned above to make each customer the repeated one. 

Are you following other tips for improving customer retention rates? Which Salon Software are you using? Is it beneficial for your business? Do share your opinion!. 


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