With Mother’s Day on May 10, these thoughtful items can be delivered straight to Mom’s mailbox or doorstep. Most should make it in time for the holiday; if they are delayed, however, this is one year you can be sure Mom will understand.

Jardin teas

Tea Forte’ has partnered with the New York Botanical Garden to offer a collection of organic teas inspired by the fruits and flowers of the iconic living museum. Teas include chocolate rose, strawberry hibiscus, green mango peach, vanilla pear and camomile citrus. Each is available beautifully packaged in a petite presentation box ($22 for 10 pyramid infusers) or as part of the Jardin Gift Set Box, which includes 10 infusers, a limited-edition pale pink café cup and a tea tray to hold an infuser after steeping. $49 at teaforte.com

Citrus tree

You can grow Florida citrus right here on Long Island. My foot-tall Meyer lemon tree arrived covered in sweet-smelling blossoms that perfumed a whole room. Move yours outdoors at the end of May, and you’ll be rewarded with fresh lemons (or Calamondin oranges, shown, or Key limes) this summer (trees must come back indoors in autumn). $65 at viacitrus.com

Mama Bear T-shirt

She’s always had your back — now you can cover hers. Each T-shirt hand-printed in the U.S.A., available in seven colors and promises the life span of a tree (if treated well). What’s more, Save Lands, an organization that works to fight pollution and make the world a cleaner place, has partnered with trees.org and will arrange to plant 12 trees for every item sold. $24.99 at savelands.org

Organic cleaning supplies

Squeak natural cleaners aim to remove toxins from the home and reduce single-use plastics. The product line includes pump-bottle sprays containing organic essential oils, like clove, lemon, cinnamon and rosemary, with antimicrobial, antifungal and antibacterial properties. Choose from among glass, floor and all-purpose cleaners, air-fresheners and the NamaSPRAY yoga mat cleaner, made with tea tree, peppermint and rosemary oils. Small concentrated refill bottles save money and cut down on trash. From $7 at getsqueakywithus.com.

Hillside planter

A property with a slope leaves gardeners with only two options: Install plants anyway and risk an uneven garden, or spend time or money terracing the hill with mesh, stone or wood hardscaping. Here’s an ingenious third option: terracing the plant, not the hill. Simply dig a hole and place this sturdy recycled-plastic half-pot at the front of the soil opening, then install the plant and back fill with soil. The planter creates a level surface, helps prevent soil erosion and saves water by capturing runoff, eliminating the need for irrigation by 50%. Sold exclusively at Amazon.com. $19.95 for a set of three planters; details at hillsideplanter.com.

NoSweat hat liners

Wearing a hat in the garden will keep the sun out of your eyes and the heat off your head, but it won’t stop you from sweating. Enter NoSweat liners, clever stick-on strips that adhere to the inside of nearly any hat to wick away sweat and eliminate the need to wipe your brow with dirty hands or gloves. $6.99 at nosweatco.com


Once a decorative accent in the homes of Europe’s elite class, the 17th century tulipiere may be making a comeback. The planters were invented for growing tulips and other bulbs indoors, but today are often used to display cut flowers. Either way, they make stunning focal points and conversation pieces. Available in white or a choice of hand-painted patterns in three sizes, each handmade porcelain tulipiere is composed of four separate pieces for easy filling and storage. $110 to $315 from the Mill Neck-based enchantedhome.com

Tossits car garbage bags

Moms who are not driving much now will likely soon be carpooling again — and likely lamenting the perpetual mess in the backseat. These trash bags, which hang behind the front-seat headrest, ensure a place for empty drink containers, snack wrappers and whatever else the little ones generate. When a bag is full, simply tear it off the pack, peel off the adhesive strip and seal in liquids and odors. What’s more, bags are made of postindustrial recycled material. Sold in three-packs of 10 bags apiece. $15.99 at tossits.com

Bedside smartphone vase

Is there a better way for Mom to start the day than by seeing fresh-cut blossoms the moment she opens her eyes? There is, in fact, one better way I can think of: fresh-cut blossoms plus a fully-charged cellphone. This handmade “smartvase” is a smartphone stand that holds a small bouquet of flowers (her charging cable nestles into a hidden groove on the stand’s bottom). Available in mint or white. $32 at uncommongoods.com

Give a garden

Take things back to basics with a thoughtful — and sure to be appreciated — gift of plants. Many nearby garden centers, nurseries and farm stands are open for business and offering curbside pickup (some even deliver), so why not give a gift that will keep giving all season long? A flat of herbs or vegetable seedlings, a bag of compost and some fertilizer will get things started. And a fruit tree is sure to make you the apple of Mom’s eye. Call your favorite local garden retail for offerings.