May 19, 2024


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Consumers more interested in crypto than ever before


Over a third of consumers would like to have the option to use cryptocurrency when shopping online and their interest in the metaverse is increasing, according to a Smarty survey.

The survey was conducted by Propeller Insights which surveyed 1,000 U.S. citizens in late March.

In the survey, 34% polled would be in favor of using cryptocurrency to buy items online and would most likely spend it buying electronics, groceries and clothing. With regard to non-essential items they would use crypto for travel, music, games and candy purchases, according to a press release on the survey findings.

At this point, according to the survey, one in five have shopped the metaverse and even more, 26%, are looking for a good virtual reality setup to jump into the metaverse. When it comes to top items respondents are looking to purchase in the metaverse, music (46%), VR games (37%) and concert tickets (32%) top the list.

“This data is meant to provide brands a roadmap for what consumers want to buy with crypto and in the metaverse and how preferences are changing,” Vipin Porwal, CEO and founder of Smarty, said in the release. “The data shows that consumers are interested in the new internet and want to have opportunities to get involved — especially when it comes to shopping.”


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