May 18, 2024


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 Catering Trends – What Is Hot & What Is Not?

Nowadays, people are more in tuned with foods and services coming along with it than ever. A recent poll shows that 6 in 10 people prefer watching cooking shows over any other. More and more people are going out to eat resulting in the opening of more and more eating joints or fancy restaurants. There has been a significant increase in the people who are reading the labels and the ingredients.  This is why simple basic fancy foods aren’t enough to satisfy people anymore. This is the reason event planners or caterers need to be updated with the latest food trends and design their menu according to it. Look here to create a menu that is engaging and loved by others –

What’s Hot?

Here are some tips to prepare mind-blowing menus for your events.

Destination Explicit Cuisine – There are higher chances that people might have traveled from places to be at your wedding. They are in a new place and might want to go sightseeing, etc. – just get to know the place more. Some prefer to check out the places however some prefer to check out food. Thus, making destination specific food more in trend and important. Give them an experience no one else can!

Local Beer and Wine – After the highlight of any event is over, the people will definitely want to have a drink or two. What better than letting them get familiar with local drinks? They might even like it better than the locals back home!

Smart Menus – Sometimes, while looking back to any event all people can remember is food – quality and variety. Offer them a menu that they remember for ages! Healthy menus are what are in nowadays. You might want to plan your menu around high protein and low on carbohydrates dishes!

What’s not hot?

Here are things that you should avoid if you want to create those mind-blowing menus for your events.

Boring Buffets –Preset buffets are so out of order and trend these days! There is no excitement of trying out anything new or not tasted before. You might want to stay away from this menu option for any of your events.

Sugary Snacks – When the attendees of your events have been sitting through that event for very long and finally get a snack time break, sugar-coated brownies and cookies might not be the best things to be served. You might want to give more attention to protein-rich snack in order to keep the energy level maintained and also because they are healthy!

Dietary Restrictions – Sometimes some of the people attending the events might be on some kind of dietary restrictions. It is a bummer for them to not be able to eat or taste all the delicious looking food out there. Here is where you come to play. You might want to prepare a menu which can counter the dietary restrictions for the utmost satisfaction of the attendees.

Truly capturing and strategic events are all about engaging the people with all senses including food. All the best!