September 29, 2023


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Breakfast Spots For Crepe and Waffle Lovers

The Crepe & Waffle House - Stoke-on-Trent - Enjoy Staffordshire

Anyone who loves crepes and waffles knows how difficult it can be to find a great breakfast spot when you are traveling to new destinations. Therefore, we have decided to put together a handy guide, which will help you discover some of the best breakfast spots for crepe and waffle lovers around the world. We will take a look at a few countries, where crepes and waffles are among the most popular breakfast choices. You will find some great suggestions that you can add to your next trip. From France to Malaysia, there is something for suit everyone’s taste in every country.


France has some amazing crepe and waffle places to offer, such as La Creperie, which is a nice  brunch spot in Paris with both sweet and savory options. If you sit outside, you will also get a great view of the Panthéon. Another relaxed café, which offers homemade waffles and crepes is La Crème de Paris, where you can also order pancakes, cakes, ice cream, fresh juices, and smoothies. You will get to choose between various delicious toppings to make your dish even more colorful. This café also serves a variety of options without gluten, eggs, and milk. 


When it comes to Dubai, there are some beautiful places that you would should visit, if you love waffles and crepes. At Nakheel Mall, you will find the best crepe and waffle places in Dubai, such as Läderach, where you can experience the authentic chocolates of Switzerland in Dubai. Moreover, you can check out La Romana Dal 1947 and try some of the most delicious desserts, such as their great selection of ice creams, pancakes, waffles, crepes, and more. Therefore, if you are in the mood for a sweet breakfast, check out some of the places at the Nakheel Mall. Most of them also offer savory waffles, perfect for a light lunch or dinner.


Belgium is the country that has by far the highest number of varieties of waffles. This means that you will be in for a treat when visiting this fascinating country. For instance, you can visit Lizzie’s Waffles in Bruges, where you will find extra large homemade waffles, that you can top with anything you want, such as ice cream, chocolate sauce, and fresh fruit. Although the place is small, it is very friendly and relaxing. Also, check out La Maison des Crepes in Brussels for some high-quality crepes with lots of sweet and savory options.


Another great destination where you will find some of the most delicious waffles and crepes is Malaysia. For example, Café 5 which is located right next to Urban Bird Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, is one of the best places for waffles. There you can order Murakami, which are waffles with flamed Takoyaki sauce and Japanese mayonnaise. Their waffle dough has gone through 20 hours of traditional yeast fermentation, ensuring the best possible flavors and aromas. If you are looking for a great crepe place, check out Crepe Cottage Gurney Drive in Penang, which features crepe base savories and plenty of other desserts, such as pancakes and ice cream.