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BlueWater Day Spa treats Ms. World candidates to a day of pampering and relaxation


As one of the country’s leading spa chains, BlueWater Day Spa (BWDS) has been the go-to place of many Filipinos for their beauty and wellness needs since 2005.

Offering a wonderful lineup of services that are also proven to be very effective, BWDS has been able to keep a loyal customer base throughout the years. One of its most enduring partnerships is its steadfast support of the Ms. World pageant.

BlueWater Day Spa Ms. World

Beauties for a cause

More than just looking good, BWDS believes in the importance of being confident with one’s self, enabling these lovely ladies to pursue their advocacies passionately.

With the coronation night just a few days away, BWDS gave the Ms. World candidates a much -welcome day of beauty and pampering last June 1. After working so hard by participating in the Ms. World activities and of course, keeping themselves at their best, physically, mentally, and emotionally, these beautiful and talented ladies definitely deserve a treat.

BlueWater Day Spa Ms. World

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Ms. World pampering day

The event was held at BWDS’ ETON Ortigas branch in San Juan, which, like all other BWDS branches, is fully-equipped with health safety measures and practice important health protocols. This gives the assurance not just to Ms. World candidates but also to BWDS clients and staff, that their safety and good health are top priority.

Stepping into the spa, one can already start feeling relaxed, given BWDS’ calming interiors and ambiance.

Welcoming the Ms. World candidates to their flagship branch, the ladies were given a background of BWDS’ most sought-after treatments. From dermatologically-tested and proven-safe Facial Treatments, Hand and Foot Treatments, Nail Treatments, Machine Treatments, Phototherapy Flash, and Scrubs to massages such as traditional Filipino Hilot, Swedish Massage, Traditional Balinese Massage and Forehand Massage.

Present at the event were BWDS President and CEO Mary Simisim and Managing Director Nancy Go. Both ladies looked radiant and were very happy to be able to welcome this year’s candidates to BWDS.


After a photo op, the ladies were given a tour of BWDS, to show them its state-of-the-art facilities that have been upgraded. These ensure proper health and safety protocols are always observed even as restrictions have eased.

Ms. World BWDS

BWDS tour and treatments

The Pearl Room is BWDS’ Facial Room, which can comfortably accommodate up to four clients at a time for more privacy. Treatments conducted here are facials, diamond peel, RF, and other services.

Some of the BWDS treatments highlighted at the event were the Y-Lift Treatment with Mask, Essential Balancing Facial with Mask, BioCollagen Facial, and Revita Firm-Face with Mask.

The Y-Lift treatment with mask is a combination of facial and skin treatments targeting dehydrated, sagging skin to give clients an instant rejuvenating result. The treatment gives clients the much-desired “V-shape face”as it lifts the skin. It improves the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin by focusing on the face’s contour, gently lifting it for a youthful look. The treatment increases the skin’s elasticity through the use protein collagen.

Meanwhile, the Essential Balancing Facial with mask, is a facial treatment suited for all skin types. The treatment helps reverse signs of aging and gives clients well-moisturized, healthy skin for a radiant glow and smooth complexion.

Lastly, the Revita Firm-Face with Mask Treatment gives clients younger-looking skin and is the perfect treatment for lifting your jaw and neckline.

BWDS also offers innovative treatments using machines that can help clients be more glowing and radiant.

For those with uneven skin tone, BWDS has the Diamond Peel treatment to even it out and make the skin look more radiant. Acne marks and scars will become less visible and will make the face look fresh.

Other essential BWDS treatments are the Elbow with Diamond Peel and Knee Cap with Diamond Peel treatments. Worry no more about dark elbows and knees as this machine will help lighten these common problem areas. The Revita Shape treatment is a non-invasive procedure that helps clients slim down and shape up. The treatment uses Radio Frequency to give firmer, tighter skin on the arms, tummy, and legs.

Last but not the least, the Ms. World beauties were also given options for body scrubs like the Botanical and Rice Milk scrub, Green Tea scrub or Olive scrub, which will give them polished, glowing skin. These scrubs help remove dry skin cells and will make skin smoother.

After the tour and the introduction to BWDS and its many services, the Ms. World candidates enjoyed their special day of pampering and relaxation courtesy of BWDS. This will surely help them be at their best for the upcoming coronation night on June 5.

Experience your own day of beauty and relaxation at BlueWater Day Spa, which has branches in Banawe, Tropical Palms in Makati, and at the Eton Ortigas branch in San Juan.


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