That’s not to say their taste for emerging designers isn’t also on full display. A particular highlight is Rosé’s Ashley Williams corset featuring a spray-painted Dalmatian paired with a frothy feathered skirt—the London designer’s signature kitschy details are a perfect fit for the video’s cutesy, pastel-hued aesthetic—while another is the crocheted floral bikini tops the band sourced from British independent label Fluffy. Then there’s a bow skirt, a lamé dress, and a pair of crystal earrings courtesy of NYC-based label Area, who have cropped up regularly across the group’s previous videos. Blackpink’s signature mix of high fashion with more accessible pieces is what made them global style icons in the first place, after all, and they haven’t forgotten it. 

Finally, of course, there are Gomez’s looks, for which the singer and her stylist Kate Young chose to pay homage to ’40s pinup girls with a series of looks that featured stripes and polka dots galore. In a peach-colored tie-up top, breezy blue flared shorts, and her hair teased into subtle liberty rolls, Gomez looks every inch the 21st-century Betty Grable. It’s a thrilling, escapist joyride through Blackpink and Gomez’s candy-colored universe—and a fashion extravaganza as sweet and sugary as the title suggests.

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