May 19, 2024


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Best Spring Shoes – Where Did U Get That


Are those winter boots beginning to feel tedious to put on? Spring is around the corner (finally!), which means I can start putting away those heavy duty shoes for something more lightweight and chic. There’s also another reason, which is that the right footwear makes the right outfit. In other words, those spring outfit combinations that I’ve been itching to try wouldn’t feel complete with shoes of a different season. I’m not complaining because these new season shoes have me turning my head! Check out the list below for the hottest shoe styles this spring!


Although things are, as they quote, ‘returning to normal,’ comfort is still a major factor for footwear in 2022. Sneakers are the classic shoe staple, particularly for this season. Remember me alternating between my McQueen, Converse and Jordans last year? 

The popularity of this staple is not wavering at all! In fact, athletic trends are hitting an all time high (think of the sportscore and lifestyle trends that have been forecasted).

Chunky sneakers are still a hot item, however to make sure you’re not too caught up in the trend, try opting for neutral colourways like beige and white.  

If you’re in need to freshen up your sneaker isle in your wardrobe, take a look at the carousel below!

Soft Form

Soft forms are one of the most anticipated spring shoe trend of the season! Think padded sandals, rounded croc shapes and lots of faux leather! There’s been many variations of this trends (some of you might remember puddle boots appearing last year). 

The particular favourite are the padded sandals and flip flops, which the style is reminiscent of Japanese ‘Geta’ shoes. 

The soft form shoes trend makes sense, especially for a generation of comfort-obsessive people. Good-bye blister happy sandals – at last!


Platform shoes are hot topic. I’ve talked about it in detail here. Designer brands like Versace have relighted our 90s-Bratz-doll-with-80s-funk obsession. If there’s a shoe style that we’re going to see a lot of this, it’ll be the platform. 

Although, they might look devilishly-high at first glance, the raised front makes the platform more comfortable than you think! So don’t write them off straight away! 

When I think of this shoe style, I’m imagining it to look AMAZING with high-waisted long trousers. Legs for days, am I right? I’ve seen a couple of influencers try this with mini dresses too. This shoe is definitely feminine and fun – bring back the joy of dressing up this season!


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