June 15, 2024


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AI and Automation Unlock Supply Chain Progress


RIS: Leading retailers have recognized that online pickup is key to a robust retail experience. What technology solutions should retailers invest in to support the best curbside/BOPIS experience?

Fleischer: Oracle covers many things in the store pickup experience with our store/omnichannel offerings, but for this, let us focus on what must be done in the supply chain realm to ensure happy customers. In the supply chain, we are focused on creating and then executing the best possible demand forecast, including not only what and when the customer will purchase an item but, just as importantly, where they would like their purchase fulfilled and at what speed. It’s the balance and dynamic ability to plan and then shift plans as life happens for the customers.

RIS: As personalization becomes a table stakes strategy to foster loyal customers, how can retailers tie inventory visibility into personalized offers when faced with supply chain challenges?

Fleischer: This is a great question and one that we are addressing with our retailers daily as supply chain constraints from COVID-19 and economic situations impact not only the availability of products at locations but also the cost of getting them there. The key here is having a single platform will real-time (or near real-time) inventory availability. That is the first step in creating personalized offers and without that, offers sent without informed inventory will only disappoint customers.

About David Fleischer
David Fleischer is responsible for the strategic decisions and product development of Oracle Retail’s supply chain management solutions. Prior to joining Oracle, Fleischer spent more than 20 years in retail planning and allocation roles for companies including Carters, Gap, Gymboree, and Payless Shoes. During those years, he led multi-tiered, highly skilled teams in the development and delivery of supply chain management tools across the organizations. He is also recognized as a leader in planning and allocation, presenting at numerous industry events. In addition to his direct retail experience, as a consultant, Fleischer has participated in and led strategic supply chain transformations on projects with major pet care, grocery, paint manufacturers, and other major retailers.


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