May 19, 2024


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A Podiatrist Names the 6 Best Shoes for Women—and the Worst


We’ve been giving side-eye to the age-aged idea that attractiveness (or design) is pain for, effectively, ever. Due to the fact in no way should really you at any time sacrifice comfort and pleasure for the sake of manner. Can I get a Sure? Terrific. Alas, even so, there are conventional items—in the shoe department especially—that inherently occur with a aspect of soreness.

To be truthful, you are likely perfectly-versed in some of the basic shoe traits that are terrible for your ft (ahem, sky-high pumps). But what about the other traditional sneakers that are stocked in all of our closets? To evaluate the distinct sneakers that could result in the most pain and harm, we went straight to an specialist by tapping Benjamin Tehrani of Kings Place Foot & Ankle in Los Angeles.

What is exciting is that he did not just recommend on the silhouettes that will induce the most pain he essentially ranked the fundamental sneakers we all possess from good to straight-out horrendous. Intrigued? Maintain scrolling to test out the doctor-endorsed rank record (setting up with the ideal initially) and see exactly where your favored footwear drop on the spectrum. If you’re seeking to upgrade your providing with some of the best shoe kinds, we curated a array of fresh new silhouettes that suit in the most at ease types to shop as effectively.


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