July 21, 2024


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A Peek Into the Last Two Weeks (+ my 6 goals for this week)


I didn’t get a peek into our week/goals update post posted last week, so here’s an update from the past two weeks…

This girl is just constant joy and smiles! She brings so much laughter to our home!

Jesse and I went on a date to Urban Sips & Sweets. (I found out later that it’s owned by a well-known instagrammer! I had no idea!)

Our church had a movie night and we got to bring Champ with us since we were babysitting him that day!

Watching Jesse and Baby D play and laugh together is just the best!

Silas had Science Fair at school. He did an experiment with Elephant Toothpaste and did it all almost 100% by himself this time!

I loved watching him man his booth and present to the different judges that came by to hear his presentation and ask questions!

Farmhouse Teas sent me some of their Not Coffees to try out after they saw my reel on Instagram about how I stopped drinking coffee.

I loved getting to try them out!

Kaitlynn fixed Kierstyn’s hair in a Dutch Braid. Is this not the best photo ever?!

This is Baby D’s very favorite thing to play with right now — the toilet paper holder in our bathroom!

I’ve been checking out a stack of books from the library to correspond with what we’re learning about in preschool and she LOVES looking at the books and having them read to her!

We’ve been studying about love and the color red and the shape of a heart the past three weeks. She cannot get enough of learning and is constantly trying to figure out new things and asking us questions to teach her more.

Can you spot three children in this picture? This was one night when we were taking care of Champ and I loved seeing all three play together!

Champ is doing SO well and we are thrilled we get to continue to be involved in his life!

We’ve been studying about rabbits, so we’ve been reading lots of books about rabbits and we cut out rabbit shapes with play-doh.

Kaitlynn bought some flowers for her room and gave Kierstyn one of the flowers from the bouquet — which Kierstyn was very excited about!

My 10 Goals for Two Weeks Ago

Personal Goals

Reading Goals

Family Goals

  • Watch the Olympics together as a family.
  • Go on a date with Jesse.

Business/Blogging Goals

  • Write a post sharing a recipe for Sheetpan Dinner.
  • Make two reels.
  • Write devotional for Proverbs31.org.

My 6 Goals for This Week

Personal Goals

Reading Goals

Family Goals

Business/Blogging Goals

  • Write a post on 50 Things You Don’t Have to Pay For.


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