While in isolation, Lalonde has been ornamenting her bows with deadstock pearls and beads that she has leftover from her main line, though Lalonde insists that level of embellishment is optional. As for the ribbon fabric that you choose to work with, she says that you can use a variety of common household items in lieu of deadstock textiles. “You can use old kitchen towels or T-shirts or even canvas if you’re hot gluing,” she says. Below, Lalonde breaks down the process of fashioning these whimsical bows, and as a bonus, a recipe for roseberry tea.

How to Make Bow Tie Hair Clips:

Materials for ribbon base:

Ribbon or fabric

Barrette (the one I used is 3.5” long)


Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks

Materials for beaded string (optional):

Beads or buttons of your choice

Fishing wire or regular beading string

Crimps (optional)

  1. Cut the ribbon or fabric to double that of the desired final bow length. If you are using fabric, trim to your ideal ribbon width. The ribbon I use is four inches wide.

  2. Ensure a glue stick is loaded in the hot glue gun before turning it on.

  3. Spread the ribbon flat and fold its ends inward to meet in the middle.

  4. Glue in a straight line down the inside of the ribbon ends. Press down gently but firmly while the glue cools and hardens.

  5. Flip the ribbon over and fold it in half.

  6. Place a drop of hot glue in the center crevice of the folded ribbon. Press and hold.

  7. Fold the ribbon back to meet the original fold. Place a drop of glue in the new crevice. Repeat this step with the bottom side of the ribbon. It should resemble a bow.

  8. Repeat steps 1 – 7 to create a second bow of the same size.

  9. Take the two bows and adhere them together with hot glue. Place the double bow aside.

  10. To string the barrette, loop the wire through the hole found on the sides of the clip. String the first bead or crimp. Loop the wire back into and out of the bead. If you use a crimp, make sure to compress it. This will ensure the wire is secure.

  11. Now, the fun part: stringing the beads. I suggest choosing shapes and tones to complement the color of the bow fabric. Add as many beads as you like, but be mindful of the weight.

  12. Once you’ve finished beading, repeat step 10 on the opposite side of the barrette.

  13. Cut a piece of fabric to cover the front of the barrette. Use hot glue to fix the fabric.

  14. Time to grab the double bow! Hot glue the back of this bow to the front of the barrette.

  15. Cut a long, narrow piece of ribbon to wrap around the creases of the bowtie.

  16. Loop the ribbon through the bottom part of the barrette. Hot glue to secure and wrap around the bow twice.

  17. Find a place on the backside of the barrette to cut the ribbon. Hot glue the ends.


This hair clip can be made with any fabric or ribbon, such as a kitchen towel, a curtain panel, felt or old clothes.

The bow can be made any size by adjusting the width and length of the fabric.

How to Make Roseberry Tea:

You’ll need:

Mug or tea cup

1 cup of water

Dried rose buds or rose petals

Fresh or frozen raspberries

Tea strainer

  1. Boil the water in a pot or a teakettle.

  2. Place 2-3 fresh or frozen raspberries in the tea cup.

  3. In a strainer, place a handful of rose buds. Place the strainer on top of the cup.

  4. Once the water is boiling, carefully pour it over the rosebuds into your tea cup, until the water level is high enough to let the rosebuds ‘sit and steep’. This will release the intensity of their flavour.

  5. Steep the tea for 1-2 minutes. Carefully remove the strainer. Keep the berries in the cup.


After drinking the tea, don’t forget to munch on those delicious, plump raspberries!

This recipe works for all berries, including dried goji berries.

A big batch of this tea can be made and refrigerated. It’s delicious when chilled!

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