April 14, 2024


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6 Top Of The Fashion Trends This Year 2021

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6 look with stylish and versatile garments that we will wear in the coming months. Summer is slowly coming to an end. We will now enjoy the last vacations, the last reunions with family and friends and the last days at the beach. But the best is yet to come.

The end of the summer also has its good side. It is time to catch up with the news and trends that are expected for the fall. This year it will be loaded with clothes of all kinds, both minimalist and extravagant. Styles that will adapt to each one thus are leaving the possibility of creating looks with personality and more original than in the summer season.

Very different and striking patterns, designs and, especially, textures everything available online at vlone. Fall-winter fashion is already beginning to creep into the windows of some stores and it seems that the time has come to build our capsule wardrobe with the trendiest clothes and accessories for the new season.

It seems early for it but it is not. Therefore, we leave you here a list of 6 of the trends that will sweep the next few months:

Sequined Party Wear

The desire for parties, celebrations and events are more than evident. Sequins and colors such as gold and silver will become the protagonists when we talk about party clothes for this coming autumn-winter. The possible combinations with these garments are very wide: from more informal combinations with sport garments as well as with more formal and arranged clothes such as a blazer and heels.

Quirky Accessories

Fringes, glitter and prints. The more original, more extravagant and more eye-catching, the better. Accessories are a fundamental part of a look. Thanks to them you can improve and complete any simple and graceless outfit.

This new season, which we look forward to with enthusiasm, will be full of colorful, different accessories with many details. From long gloves and shoes with teddy details to XXL bags.

Leather or Leather Effect

There are fabrics that are considered timeless, as the time that passes they are still there making up our essential wardrobe and fixing any outfit.

vlone jacket, pants and skirts are so popular. These are some of the garments that we will see the most with this rocker and flattering fabric. Depending on how you combine it, you can get very different styles and with personality.

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Checkered Print

The checkered pattern is synonymous with the lifesaver pattern. It is one of the most viewed and demanded prints in recent years. This autumn-winter, he will once again star in street-style and he will be in charge of improving all the looks with his originality and elegance.

Oversized Trench Coat

Minimalism and simplicity are one of the main foundations of the trends that will emerge this fall-winter. Trench coats are one of the most versatile and classic garments out there, and they look good on any outfit.

Halfway between the elegance of a blazer and the rockier style of a leather jacket, is the trench, which is the perfect ally for the most basic garments. The oversize trench coat combined with feminine and narrow garments will be a full-fledged success this fall.

Table Skirt

Mid-season garments should always be in your sights. These so peculiar skirts will be your wildcard garment thanks to its great variety of possibilities to combine them.

The mini-version table skirts were one of the trends of last year and one of the most demanded garments, especially by influencers. This fall we will see them in midi and long sizes, and with infinite possibilities of combinations.

Comfortable, flattering and incredibly stylish looks. With boots, fashionable trainers, sweaters and jackets, this is how you will wear these skirts with roll and personality.